(08–17 March, 2018) – I will be in Dublin, Ireland during the semester break.

(28 June–01 July, 2018) – I will be in Ghent, Belgium for the 7th Biennial Conference of the Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice to give a talk on the concept of representation in cognitive science.


(15 January, 2018) – I finally returned to TCU after my leave. It was lovely to be in Dublin, but it’s good to be home.

(29 December, 2017–12 January, 2018) – I visited family in Hawai‘i.

(07–10 December, 2017) – I visited friends and colleagues in Edinburgh, Scotland.

(20 October, 2017) – I gave a work-in-progress talk about my current work on conceptual explication at the UCD School of Philosophy.

(25–27 October, 2017) – My mentor Edouard Machery, Distinguished Professor of History and Philosophy of Science and Director of the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh, visited University College Dublin. We held two events for the occasion of his visit:

  • (26 October) – A symposium on his recent book, Philosophy within Its Proper Bounds (OUP, 2017).
  • (27 October) – A workshop on “Evaluating Methods of Inquiry,” featuring contributions by Edouard Machery, Maria Baghramian, Liz Irvine, Adrian Currie, Antti Kauppinen, Dermot Moran, and myself.

(Fall 2017) – I was on leave from TCU for a semester. While I was away I was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Philosophy at University College Dublin, working with the WEXD team.

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