The Secret Page!

I am a terror. (Photo: Aaron Gordon)

I am a terror. (Photo: Aaron Gordon)

Because everybody loves knowing a secret.

This page is a hub for unlinked content, such as it is, that it pleases me to host here. Not all of my online secrets are here, of course; that would be too easy.


Plausible Band Names - For a few years I've kept and occasionally add to a list of plausible band names.

Mikyphro: a Swacratic Dialogue - A spot of stylized dialectic from my early days at Swarthmore, inspired by a conversation with my dear friend and fellow philosopher SJBA.


Unlinked presentation materials

A New Approach to Identifying the Mark of the Cognitive (2014)

Laying down the Law: Substituting Mechanism for Functionalism (2014)

Cognitive Scientists Are Not Computational Functionalists (2013)

Phenomenal Consciousness, Conscious States, and the Hard Problem (2012)

Guts, Nerves, and Zeal: A New Adrenaline Objection to Prinz on Emotion (2012)

Emergence and the Mind-Body Problem (2008)