Plausible Bands

I have a hobby of recording phrases that sound to me like they would make plausible band names or album titles. I don't claim to have come up with them all--many of these phrases were uttered by others in the course of conversation. Some of these items were thought of as band names by others. In particular, Quay Roberts wants credit for Robophobia, and Benjamin Schulz is proud of Bone Marrow Transplant.

At any rate, here is a part of my collection:

Band names:

The Illustrious Darkness
Mango Famine
Frolic Goats Hostel
Gentlemen with Nachos
North Sea Winds
Fans of the Undead
The Calx
Quail Underwear
The Moral Agents
Fragrant Bullet
The Caverns of Mank
Matthew & the Hanky Carriers
Hatchback Ambulance
Yak Device
Rude Simper
Abu Simple
Scab Factor
Tele Dram
Cromwell's Mum
Voyeuristic Hands
Turtle Rape Shoe
The Horrible Slickness
Bone Marrow Transplant
Turabian Nights

Album titles:

Silent Treatment Plant
Talent for Disaster
Unholy Baby
We Are the Cruft
Hookah Obstruction
The Moving Light of Presentness
Exotic Shoot-Grafter
Funeral Tie
Fabulous Distraction
Killer Yellow
Nuances of Toast
Gatorade for Leeches
Dinner for Leeches
Dorky & Dangerous
Vacuous Quantification
Soundtrack for Seduction
Delicious Mirage
Severe Vertical Face
Badass of the People
The Tea of Milk
Parmesan Explosion
Picadilly Crass
Final Draught
Scooby Diver
Look Don't Touch
Angelic Paratrooper



Sometimes the bands acquire (fictional) back stories:

The Eugenics Experience are an experimental rock band from Trenton, New Jersey. They have a following in Trenton and in Philadelphia, and just released Where There Are Men There Are Babies to very disappointing sales.

TARTANIUM* are a Scottish nationalist rock band from Perth. They have released two EPs on the internet, entitled ALBAtross and ALBAnia. They have been known to play with other nationalist acts, such as The Pride of Clan Patel (PCP) from Glasgow (known for their local hit 'Scottish Supper,' about the aesthetics kebab) and GingerForce* from Berwick, who are beloved by their fans for their enthusiasm if nothing else.

Slow Loris are an all-female indie folk band from Massachusetts, who have a small but dedicated following. Their first LP was entitled Tickle Me.

* Sometimes it turns out that there are real bands with these names. Karnak are a Brazilian band. Tartanium, it turns out, is the name of a pipe band from Edinburgh as well as a medical non-profit and a couple other things. Gingerforce is a vitamin supplement. If you know of other cases, you can let me know.