(October, 2019) – A brief personal trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.


(20 August, 2019) – My commentary on Edouard Machery’s book Philosophy within Its Proper Bounds was published online in the International Journal of Philosophical Studies. Stay tuned for other commentaries, and for Machery’s responses.

(12 August, 2019) – My article “Phenomenality, Conscious States, and Consciousness Inessentialism” was published online in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.

(12 July, 2019) – Some personal news.

(5–10 July, 2019) – I was in Edinburgh, Scotland with Honors Frog Camp, meeting new Honors students!

(Summer 2019) – As usual, I was in Dublin, Ireland for much of the summer.

(10–12 June, 2019) – I met incoming TCU students and helped to orient them to Fort Worth at Frog Camp Cultura A.

(29–30 March, 2019) – I gave a talk on microaggressions at the Mid/South Philosophy of Science Network’s inaugural conference on “Socially Engaged Philosophy of Science in the Middle States.”

(27 March, 2019) – My review of Ruth G. Millikan’s book Beyond Concepts was published online in the Philosophical Quarterly.

(08–09 November, 2018) – I participated in a Forum Celebrating 200 Years of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, held at TCU and organized by Dr. Anne Frey. I was pleased to be able to bring Dr. Catherine Stinson to campus to discuss her views on AI’s culture of exceptionalism.

(01–04 November, 2018) – I was in Seattle, Washington for the 26th Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association to discuss my views on representation in cognitive science.

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